What is Sputnik?

Sputnik is a small application that allows you to perform a few tasks with only a few keystrokes. These tasks include launching applications, controlling iTunes, searching for addresses, performing calculations and performing searches using your favorite search engines.
The thing I kept in mind when writing Sputnik is that everything is accessible via the keyboard. – In the end, I wrote it for myself and since OS X, I have become a real keyboard addict. ;)

Here are a couple of screenshots for you:

This is what Sputnik looks like – basically, a text field. Feel free to call it "simplistic" :)

The application icon means that it is in the "Application mode" which means that you can start typing the name of an application you want to launch. Sputnik autocompletes; on my machine, typing "mo" and hitting return is enough to launch Mozilla and typing "i" and hitting return launches iCal. You get the idea. :)

This is Sputnik’s menu:

There are lots of things I could show to you, I only want to give you a very brief overview here. Among other things, Sputnik is able to search for addresses:

...is able to perform calculations:

(This is a conversion from decimal to hexadecimal)

...and it is able to show your "To Do items" from your iCal calendars:

The calendar names in bold refer to local calendars you can modify, the others are subscribed to and cannot be modified.

Finally, Sputnik gives you access to your favorite search engines. Since taking a screenshot of that would be somewhat boring (in the end, it is only a text field – nothing you haven’t seen before), this is what the configuration of the search sites looks like:

Simplistic again, but functional. :)

This set of sites is the default, you can add and remove any site you want.

...oh, just if you wondered: no, Sputnik does not add yet another icon in the dock.